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About Bindy

Bindy is a 25 year experienced Medical Aesthetician and clinical Skin Care Specialist whose interest in skin care was born out of being teased about her own freckles as a child and acne as a teen. Since working with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons besides operating her own Skin and Natural nail Care business Bindy understands the importance to meet the needs of every client and patient and loves making people look better and feel better about themselves. Her passion, knowledge and gentle approach keeps her patients coming back for treatments and advice. She enjoys using new technologies, such as laser skin treatments, and products to treat her patient’s medical skin concerns. She is always pursuing knowledge and training to better help her patients. Her goal is to continue working at the leading edge of cosmetic medicine. She is currently working with Dermatology Specialists of Spokane in their Laser and Cosmetic department.

Please be sure to visit and “LIKE” her Facebook page, Bindy’s Skin Care on Facebook and Dermatolgoy Specialists of Spokane Facebook page.

Licensed Aesthetician

Bindy’s LLC


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