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“The Sexy Holiday Skin Diet”

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“The Sexy Holiday Skin Diet”
It’s that most wonderful time of year again! That special time when the gym and any thoughts of eating even remotely healthily gets tossed out the window in favor of holiday finger foods!

It’s a magical time of gluttonously gorging ourselves in a food bender that could equal Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas — if only we weren’t too darned stuffed to leave the couch. And while it all sounds like fun and games here (‘cause we know how to sell it), there is a heavy price to pay. No, we mean it. ‘Cause those extra holiday pounds are weighty things aren’t they.
Not to mention the toll all this takes on your skin.

A recent article in Cosmopolitan’s magazine’s Health and Beauty section examines the correlation between diet and a youthful, dewy glow — and trust us, the two aren’t exactly simple acquaintances. In fact, they’re two little peas in a pod.

Titled in typical Cosmo fashion, “The Sexy Skin Diet” doles out answers to the season’s most pressing skin query’s like how to get “smooth, line-free skin,” a “clear complexion,” a “naturally dewy glow,” strong nails and hair, and a few tips on guilt-free snacking. (*Um… guilt seems a little too strong an emotion for a snack, folks.)

But there is something to this whole thing. It seems a whopping 80% of getting a gorgeous complexion is about what you eat. What goes in must come out, after all. So just what should one put in in order to get that ageless, dewy glow? Omega-3’s, for one.

Helpful in combating the drying effects of the season’s indoor heating, omega-3 contains fatty acids that can hydrate your dehydrated dermis and also — according to associate clinical professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Dr. Howard Murad — give your skin a “lit from within” glow (sounds dangerous, no?). Cosmo recommends a
4-ounce portion of salmon, or a sprinkling of flax seeds over your salad to load up on those omega-3s, and you can also find them in topical moisturizers to help quench any already parched parts.

Adding niacin to your diet can also help, via vitamin B — a natural vasodilator. Dr. David Colbert, who wrote the book The High School Reunion Diet, claims that “When niacin in eaten or applied to the skin, it increases blood flow and oxygen, causing a slight flush.” And who doesn’t want that? Tuna and chicken, asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes, or peanuts can all help you get your niacin fix, which in collaboration with omega-3’s will pump up your dewy glow in two to three weeks.

But, what good is a dewy glow if its’ being overshadowed by a saggy and wrinkly canvas? UV rays and pollution are big contributors to this aging quandary since they both produce free radicals, which attack your delicate dermis’s collagen — you know, the stuff that keeps your face firm. And while you can’t exactly live in a pollution-free hamster ball with blackout blinds (sounds cozy), you can ingest certain vitamins to help combat the effects of sun, smog and secondhand smoke.

Vitamins C and E are both heavy hitters in this department. Vitamin-C can help counteract free radicals and help promote collagen growth, while vitamin-E combats collagen loss and improves the skin’s ability to hydrate itself. Adding C-rich berries, kiwi and other citrus fruits, and E-rich foods like eggs, almonds and pecans can all help stave off those pesky signs of aging without making an extra holiday trip to your dermatologist.

And what about the breakouts and inflammation that seems to go hand-in-hand with too many sauerkraut balls or any other fried party-foods? (As if any other fried delight could match a sauerkraut balls splendor – *eye roll.)

We’ve already looked at dispelling the greasy-foods-cause-breakouts-myth, but even if it’s simply due to post-party skincare neglect — a less-than-dazzling complexion is a serious holiday party foul. Nutrition specialist Jeffrey Morrison, MD, claims that eating certain foods that specifically address inflammation can help. Foods like dark green veggies, and orange produce can provide an extra dose of vitamin-A to help regulate and improve how skin sheds dead cells, while foods high in zinc (oysters, roast beef, crab, wheat germ and pumpkin seeds) can help control oil production for nice clog-free pores. There are a whole slew of topical products with zinc and vitamin A to help give your skin a clear complexion upper hand as well.

Dr. Murad also claims that foods rich in vitamin-B, like almonds, swiss chard, peanuts and eggs can also help out your glorious “mani and mane” — Cosmo mean’s your hair and nails. It seems both are made of the building block keratin, and keratin is produced in greater quantities when there is more biotin in your body. Luscious locks and long well manicured nails can go a long way towards that cocktail party glamour look that you’re striving for — so it’s best to start loading up on the B now.

Cosmo then bores us to tears with a list of “party treats that’ll make you smile,” that is suspiciously void of sauerkraut balls. (I’m not smiling, Cosmo.) The list features such “guilt-free” delights as crudités (Did you know that crunchy veggies are like “edible toothbrushes? — Yeah. We’re not amused, either.), hard cheese (again they mention the teeth thing), and strawberries (yup, more teeth.) And really? When is the last time you saw a strawberry on a holiday table? We’re just keepin’ it real, Cosmo.
Here’s to healthy skin and body! Happy Holidays!


Author: Bindy's (Bindy's LLC)

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