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In Love with LipSense

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In Love With LipSense!


Christina Aguilera can afford to have almost anything she wants, but one thing I am certain she cannot afford to have is sloppy, smudged lips. Thankfully, makeup artist extraordinaire Kristofer Buckle turned me on to Christina’s favorite lip secret: LipSense, $22, made by SeneGence.


“It doesn’t come off on my microphone when I sing,” Christina said. She also callled it “kissproof.”


This, I had to see. And my eyes cannot believe my lips! This lip color will not budge or bleed; in fact, it stays put until I take it off with the LipSense Ooops Remover. I really gave LipSense the true trial of both time and task. Eating, drinking–and even kissing–did not disturb this long-wearing wonder. I’ve never seen anything like it.


This is how it works: simply line your lips, apply three coats of LipSense, and seal with their LipSense shea butter moisturizing gloss.

It lasts and lasts and lasts. It’s so great to be able to mix colors and finishes for a custom look. With an astonishing 50 jewel-like tones and an über-glossy finish, the possibilities are lusciously endless. All I need to look glamorous fast is my black Tom Ford shades and my LipSense in one of their ripe, ravishing reds.


LipSense lip colors in Cranberry and Blu Red are Christina’s signature favorites. I love the intense color payoff and ease of use. It’s an easily workable formula. It also offers UV protection because it’s spiked with titanium dioxide. How great is that?


Plus, founder and CEO of SeneGence International, Joni Rogers-Kante guarantees it is a no-wax, no-lead formula–safe for humans, and the company does not test on animals–good for the planet.

Waterproof, smearproof and kissproof? What more could a girl want? Oh, I know: one in every color. Pucker up.

Join us on Tuesday October 2nd at Bindy’s Skin Care for our fun “BEAUTY BOOT CAMP”  to check out all the new colors! Try them on! Lot’s of Specials!

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  • AND to add to this, Ms. Aguilera has NEVER been paid to endorse LipSense, yet she continues to tell the world how great it is and make it her choice of lip color for over 5 years.  Guess that’s why it’s such a great seller for me and why Kristopher uses it on other celebs (like Martha Stewart) and brags too. Nothing like it xxoo

Author: Bindy's (Bindy's LLC)

About Bindy Besides running her own business out of her home with HER FAVORITE THINGS like LipSense and Norwex she is a 25 year experienced WA State Master Aesthetician and Medical Skin Care Specialist whose interest in skin care was borne out of being teased about her own freckles as a child and acne as a teen. Since working with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons besides operating her own Skin and Natural Nail Care business Bindy understands the importance to meet the needs of every patient and loves making people look better and feel better about themselves. Her passion, knowledge, and gentle approach keep her patients coming back for treatments and advice. She enjoys using new and updated technologies, such as laser skin treatments, and products to treat her patient’s medical skin concerns. She is always pursuing knowledge and training to better help her patients. Her goal is to continue working at the leading edge of cosmetic medicine. Announcement: I am pleased to let you know of my position with Dermatology Specialists of Spokane. I am a WA state licensed Master Aesthetician working in their Laser and Cosmetic Center Tuesday through Friday. You can continue to expect the same commitment and dedication that I have shown for the past 25 years with the additional support of a practice that provides professional care within a comfortable private setting with services. Check us out at: Bindy uses and has sold LipSense for 15 years! Recently Bindy has become certified with SeneGence as one of their "CERTIFIED SENEBLENDS MAKEUP ARTISTS" Be sure to request a Seneblend make-over with her also using LipSense!

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